Our upcycled jewelry seen on

Fanny Sidney

Director and actress in the series 10%. View of the BeIN Sports set, wearing upcycled Tête d’orange hoop earrings .

Flore Benguigui

Singer of the music group L'Impératrice wearing acustom-made upcycled necklace .

George Ka

Slam singer. Here she is wearing a pair of upcycled earrings from our Bestsellers collection.

Constance Lasserre

Also known as Hungry Consti on social media, Constance is a food influencer, author and actress. Here she is wearing an upcycled necklace from our Bestsellers collection.

Emanouela Todorova

Emanouela is an influencer, author and founder of the DBSP association fighting against gender-based violence. She is wearing a unique upcycled necklace from a collection created in collaboration with Tête d'orange called Grand soleil Grand soleil.

Lend me your jacket

Marine, her real first name, is a fashion and interior design influencer. She is wearing a pair of upcycled earrings from our permanent collection .

Ruby Pigeon

Fashion influencer and creator of her own upcycled clothing brand called Rusmin .

But of course

Maoui is a fashion influencer on Instagram. Here she wears acustom-made upcycled necklace made from freshwater pearls.

Eva danino

Eva is a French model and actress. She notably stars in the film “Les amandiers”, nominated for the 2022 Oscars. Here she is wearing an upcycled necklace signed Tête d'orange.