Custom upcycled jewelry

Create the upcycled jewelry of your dreams

We offer a tailor-made service to create the jewelry of your dreams! Quesaco? A necklace, a bracelet, earrings, a ring...anything is possible! And you can even personalize it with one or more pendants of the star sign of your choice. It is also possible to offer this service in the form of a gift card .

How does it work?

To make a request for a custom-made upcycled piece of jewelry, it's very simple, just follow the following steps:


1. Complete the tailor-made form below and don't hesitate to give as many details as possible.

2.  To complete your request, think of sending us photos of orange head jewelry spotted on social networks or our site to illustrate your words to the following email address:

3. Once the form has been submitted, all you have to do is pay a deposit of 50€ by clicking on the button below. If you submit the form without paying the deposit, we will not consider your request.

4. Once we receive your custom request, we will process and respond to it as soon as possible.


Important: only two modifications are possible on your custom jewellery.



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Custom jewelry form

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