The Little Story

Why Tête d'orange ?
Because "ça te dérange tête d'orange",

because we say yes to audacity, spontaneity and unlimited creativity,

because we return to the essential by giving a second life to neglected jewelry,

because, according to Paul Eluard, "the earth is as blue as an orange" so let's try to think of our earth,

because oranges are full of vitamins and we create beautiful jewelry to make you feel good,

because it sounds good too and we follow our instinct,

We are tête d'orange.

Our approach: upcycling
Upcycling (it breaks our hearts to borrow a term from the English once again, but between us, it sounds better than "surcyclage"), is a process that consists of recycling existing parts that we no longer use by giving them a higher value. A form of upcycling that invites us to rethink our mode of consumption.

Unwanted jewelry, reincarnated, upcycled.

We become hunters of neglected, forgotten and underestimated treasures. We hunt for vintage, antique or simply no longer desired jewelry that we believe has enormous potential and deserves to be sublimated. Our selection criteria: noble materials that last in time such as gold plated stainless steel, silver 925, semi-precious stones and real freshwater pearls etc. For reasons of hygiene, our ear clasps are new.

We clean and disinfect all the pieces we find. Then we disassemble them, remix them and convert them into unique pieces. We give them a second life by creating new jewelry in the air of time. In one fell swoop, we create unique and eco-friendly jewelry. All jewelry is created by hand in our workshop in Strasbourg.

Our commitments


Abandoned materials and jewelry so that they are not thrown away

sustainable manufacturing

To reduce our waste and consumption as much as possible

protect our planet

For future generations