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La collection DIAPHANE doit son nom aux jeux de transparences qui la caractérisent entre l'emploi de cristaux, verres polis et pierres semi-précieuses.

Novembre 2023


The unique upcycled jewelry collection 'OOPS-A-DAISY' is an ode to the first flowers of the year. Impressive or delicate, in bouquets or individually, bright or pastel shades, the selection is wide to choose your favorite flower. 🌻🌸💐

April 2023

Night birds

This collection is aimed at the night owls that we are. To these wild dance evenings with no tomorrow. To sleepless nights remaking the world. To daydreams in front of a starry sky.

November 2022

Summer Fragments

A collection built around organic stones reminiscent of the pieces of polished glass we pick up at the seaside. Bursts of color transformed into precious summer memories.

July 2022


“Blossom”, an English word with a double meaning which means “to bloom” but also to flourish. This collection is divided into two parts. Act I, inspired by the delicate shape of buds and water droplets of morning dew. Act II celebrates the first day of spring and the blossoming of buds into flowers.

March 2022

90's kid

With our 90s kid collection, we wanted to reinterpret with modernity and elegance the essential pieces that marked the 90s. The tattoo effect choker , the jeans chain , the friendship necklace and the charms .

November 2021

Until the moon

Inspired by the stars , the Space Age and futuristic fashion , this collection will transport you to the Moon. Geometric and organic shapes , telluric colors and sparkling touches are the key words of these new upcycled jewelry .

October 2021

Of love and sea water

Upcycled jewelry that pays homage to Summer in all its forms. Nods to the sea, the sun, summer loves, seasonal fruits and colorful nature. Each piece of jewelry is unique .

July 2021

A spring in Barcelona

A collection inspired by the work of Gaudí, his captivating mosaic and the artistic emulation that emanates from this city that I love so much, Barcelona 🧡

April 2021

Big sun

The Grand Soleil capsule collection created with activist blogger Emanouela pays tribute to the women who inspire us every day . Each piece of jewelry bears the first name of one of them. Unique creations in warm colors full of optimism , enhanced with lucky pendants.

March 2021

Stay dreamers

This collection is a nod to #stayathome. Because without great physical freedom, imagination remains a perfect escape . Everyone escapes in their own way. So, failing to be able to live as we would like, we try to dream .

November 2020